At Marigan Space Limited, our business is in three (3) phases and these includes: Investments - Savings - and Loans.

What we can assure you here at Marigan Space Limited (RC 1481308) is the safety of your Investment with a High Return on Investment of up to 45% in 36 months. As an investor with Marigan Space Limited, you will also be briefed about the company’s growth and development quarterly.

Marigan Space Limited operates Investments, Savings and Loans Services

INVESTMENTS: At Marigan Space, we are focused on investments that drive sustainable development and has a demonstrable track record of growth and investment returns. Under the leadership of exceptional financial professionals, the company has built a diversified investment portfolio across a range of sectors. Marigan Space Limited has a substantial asset base invested in key sectors of the Nigerian economy including Agriculture, Consumer Goods, Real Estate and Financial Services. What we can assure you here at Marigan Space Limited is the safety of your Investments with a High Return on Investment of up to 45% in 36 months. Building a relationship of trust with our investors is important to us and we are focused on Investments that drive sustainable development by minimizing risks and costs. Our attitude to managing wealth is measured and insightful, with a consistent focus on growing capital and delivering strong, positive returns.. We take a comprehensive approach – considering your wealth, covering areas such as the structure of investments, retirement planning and more. Leaving a legacy is an important concern for many clients, and our worldclass investment specialists can tailor a solution, which suits your financial interests and future plans appropriately.
SAVINGS: Our SME savings is a form of informal savings and credit association that are popular in many cultures around the world. We do savings for Individuals and/or groups of people (Esusu). We also offer a competitive interest on locked savings for longer duration. The longer you save with us, the more you earn. Our Esusu is a simple yet effective way for people to save money, especially in areas where traditional banking services may be limited or inaccessible. Participation requires trust and commitment from all members. It also allows individuals to build up their savings and access credit whenever necessary. The frequency of contributions and payouts also varies which can be weekly, biweekly, or monthly. However, it is important to note that esusu is an informal financial arrangement and may not offer the same legal protections or regulatory oversight as formal banking institutions. Participants should carefully consider the risks and benefits of participating in an esusu, and seek out reputable and trustworthy groups to join.
LOANS: We offer a wide range of lending services to individuals and businesses. We have several loan options and each comes with its own terms and conditions, including interest rates, loan amounts, repayment terms, and eligibility requirements.


Marigan space limited offers different loans to meet clients/customers’ needs for their various financial needs. Our loan is further broken down to:
- Trader loan
- Transporter’s loan
- Agricultural loan
- Civil Servants loan
- Equipment Support Loan

Trader Loan (TLoan)

Trader Loan (TLoan) This collateral-free loan package is designed for market women & men who need fast & efficient small loan services. To qualify, make a daily contribution for thirty consecutive days with Marigan and you automatically qualify for 200% loan of your total savings.


This loan platform is designed for transporters (Keke Napep riders, Interstate drivers, Okada riders, Taxi drivers etc.) to help with their vehicle acquisition and maintenance. Eligible individuals, business enterprises (other than public limited company) engaged in transport business for at least two years are eligible for our transporters loan.

Agricultural Loan (ALo)

This loan platform is specifically designed to avail agricultural credit facilities on given terms to meet their short term as well as long term credit needs. Our agriculture loan covers farm development, production, working capital, Agric value-chain financing etc.

Civil Servants Loan

This loan platform is designed are loans designed for people employed by the government to provide them with help on household/domestic needs, children school fees, buy properties and those in need of emergency/urgent funds.

Business Support Loan (BSLo)

This loan platform is specifically designed for allows business owners to finance equipment and other fixed assets, such as plants and machinery, in conjunction with buying real estate property, machinery, equipment and other assets that have a useful life of 10 or more years.





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