At Marigan Space Limited, our business is in three (3) phases and these includes: Investments - Savings - and Loans.

What we can assure you here at Marigan Space Limited (RC 1481308) is the safety of your Investment with a High Return on Investment of up to 40% in 36 months. As an investor with Marigan Space Limited, you will also be briefed about the company’s growth and development quarterly.

SAVINGS: We do SME savings for groups and/or individuals that require our services and we also offer interest on locked savings for a complete cycle.

ON INVESTMENT: At Marigan Space Limited, building a relationship of trust with our investors is important to us. Not only will we take the time to understand diverse financial requirements as well as investment objectives, we will also take the time to understand you.

Our aim is to carry out highly selective investments in regions and entities where there is high potential for investment outperformance. Our attitude to managing wealth is measured and insightful, with a consistent focus on preserving capital and delivering strong risk-adjusted returns. We take a holistic approach – considering your wealth as a whole, covering areas such as the structure of investments, retirement planning and more. Leaving a lasting legacy is an important concern for many clients, and our specialists can tailor a solution, which suits family interests and future plans both effectively and efficiently.

When we target entities, we look for entities with a strong track record and with recognized products, which show potentials for growth in order to deliver higher earnings. Some of the industries which we target are Agriculture, Real Estate, Oil & Gas, Security Services, Medical, Technology and General Contracts.


Marigan space limited offers different loans to meet clients/customers needs for their various businesses. Our loan is further broken down to:
-Business Support loan
-Civil Servants loan
-Market Women loan
-Agricultural loan
-Transport loan

Market Women Loan (MWLo)

This loan platform is designed for market women & men who need fast & efficient small loan services. To qualify, make a daily contribution for 30 consecutive days with MSL and you automatically qualify for 200% loan of your total savings.


This loan platform is designed for transporters (Keke Napep riders, Okada riders, Taxi drivers etc) to help with their vehicle maintenance & repairs.

Agricultural Loan (ALo)

This loan platform is specifically designed for farmers to help run their respective farms more efficiently since it is usually difficult to keep with the cost associated with it.

Civil Servants Loan

This loan platform is designed for civil servants and other salary earners to help with household/domestic needs, children school fees, acquire properties and those in need of emergency/urgent funds.

Business Support Loan (BSLo)

This loan platform is specifically designed for entrepreneurs to provide working capitals or to finance inventory, equipment purchases or any other business related purpose.





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