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Marigan Space Limited (RC 1481308) is a registered financial institution that deals in SME savings, loans, SME support & mortgages.

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No Prepayment or Hidden Fees

There are no hidden fees or charges when you obtain your loan form either as a new client or as an existing client.

Quick Loan Approvals

Accessing your funds is prompt once you meet all the terms and conditions.

Lots Of Financial Options

There are various financial options from Marigan Space Limited you can choose from which includes daily, weekly or monthly savings and Investment for an improved annual ROI.

Why take a loan with us?

Fast Loans

Our online loan application can be completed within 5 minutes and a loan application feedback is sent to you almost immediately.


Our repayment structure is flexible which means you don’t have to break the bank to payback.

Great rates

We have the most competitive interest in the market which makes us top choice when it comes to consumer lending.


Our client testimonial speaks for us, we are not just a credit company we are our customer’s success partners.

Our Services


What we can assure you here at Marigan Space Limited is the safety of your investment and a high “Return On Investment (ROI) of up to 15%. The agreed ROI will either be spread quarterly for a year or paid at the end of your Investment tenure (12 months). As an investor, you will also be briefed about the company's growth and development quarterly.


Marigan Space Limited offers savings to all our customers and to those who intend to obtain loan services. Savings can either be daily, weekly, bi-weekly or monthly.

Market Women Loan (MWLo)

This loan platform is designed for market women & men who need fast & efficient small loan services. To qualify, make a daily contribution for 30 consecutive days with MSL and you automatically qualify for 200% loan of your total savings.


This loan platform is designed for transporters (Keke Napep riders, Okada riders, Taxi drivers etc) to help with their vehicle maintenance & repairs.

Agricultural Loan (ALo)

This loan platform is specifically designed for farmers to help run their respective farms more efficiently since it is usually difficult to keep with the cost associated with it.

Civil Servants Loan

This loan platform is designed for civil servants and other salary earners to help with household/domestic needs, children school fees, acquire properties and those in need of emergency/urgent funds.

Business Support Loan (BSLo)

This loan platform is specifically designed for entrepreneurs to provide working capitals or to finance inventory, equipment purchases or any other business related purpose.

Welcome to Our Agency!

Welcome to Marigan Space Limited (MSL)

Marigan Space Limited (RC 1481308) is a registered financial institution that deals in SME savings, loans, SME support & mortgages.

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Apply online in just minutes no more document or calling required.

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Read through our loan requirement to see if you meet our eligibility criterion.

Borrow & Repay

Select how much loan you want and how long you want to take it for.

Borrow & Repay

Once you are done with the application submit your application and you get your loan amount with your own terms within hours.

Quick, Fast and Convenient

We’re all about helping you reach your next financial goal—great rates, less fees, unprecedented service, and awesome loan help.

Can I extend a policy beyond original duration?

Our Savings Plans have fixed duration/timelines. Changes will require the initiation of a new policy. However, Protection plans can also be altered.

I have initiated a Loan Request on my Policy

You should receive an email with a policy loan agreement form. Kindly sign the form to accept the offer and return to any of our branches. You can expect to be paid within 5 working days of receipt of document.

What is the interest rate on our savings Policies?

The company sets its interest rate to be competitive in the market. This rate is adjusted only when the market environment dictates so.